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it’s OK Batman we’ll take it from here.

Heya, really late note. I’ve removed the photo of the woman on the tube (sorry it’s so late, I’ve not been on tumblr).

As it was a submission and was taken very closely I assumed the woman knew the photo had been taken buuut as we don’t actually have any proof of that I see your point that it could actually be super unfair to her to keep it on here. Sorry about that, sometimes I actually forget people may not have given their permission for such photos (my world is filled with innocence and rainbows) so that’s totally my bad and on me.

So, has anyone googled Greggs lately?

Any new QUB Freshers here?

If yes, my #1 advice to you is to not miss the RAG pub crawl. Trust me.

If you see me around the uni come say hi!!

Hey, I see you're at St Mary's uni. Guess I'll see you round in September then :D x

I will most likely be in the Dolche or falling asleep upstairs in the library. Just say hi to every stranger you see in those places and you’ll eventually find me :p

Again, you guys need to tell us it’s happening ;A; Literally only one of us remembered A-levels because of a sibling doing them, otherwise A-levels wouldn’t have gotten a post either. Once you’re done with post-16 education you never have to remember this stuff again and it flies right over your head

Well done to everyone who was getting excited about their new adventures to uni in the last post :D We’re really, really pleased for you. (As well as the people who’re not going to uni who’re happy with their grades as well, good luck with whatever you’re doing next!)

I just wanted to say once again that if you didn’t get the results you wanted, it really isn’t the end of the road. There are lots of options out there from going back and retaking exams, switching to another course like an apprenticeship, taking a year out and getting some real work or travel experience (seriously, things like that can make a big difference to an application) or trying to get through clearing and find another uni.

If that’s what you really want to do don’t give up because you didn’t get the right grades. From personal experience, taking an extra year to get there was so worth it, I love where I am now. Sure all my school friends are graduating now, but jokes on them, I have one more year before I have to actually be a grown up, get a real job and start doing adults thing. So there’s that

This made me giggle. Thanks, but I’m about to go into my third year :p

Congrats on getting in! West London ftw

Sooo, how did everyone get on today? :D And those who were wanting to go to uni, have you got into your first choice?

Nobody even sent us a message :c Every year we post about A-levels and then get loads of ‘WHY DIDN’T YOU POST ABOUT SCOTTISH HIGHERS’. I only remember A-levels because I have a brother doing them otherwise people wouldn’t get a post about that either.

It’s always at this point I remember that we forgot once again to post about Scottish Highers. I am so sorry guys, one year I’ll remember ;A;

(But I hope it all went well for you guys too)

Good luck to everyone getting A-level results tomorrow~

We all hope you get the grades you were hoping for. Just remember that if you don’t that it’s okay, you can go through clearing or you can take another year to go back and retake exams. Not getting the grades you wanted does not make you a failure, useless or stupid.

So tomorrow when you walk into school / college / wherever remember that you’re awesome and whatever that piece of paper says you will still be awesome. And then remind yourself you’re awesome like five more times because dammit, you’re awesome.