You Know You're British When...

 Bloody Gentlemen

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There’s A Cardboard Cutout Of David Cameron On Amazon And The Reviews Are Exactly What You’d Expect.

Yay - the QI jelly head finally worked!

When everything you say sounds sarcastic even though it was intended as sincere.

Saying well done as you recognise someones achievements and coming off as a sarcastic prick

Do you have any Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish mods?

Have done in the past but not anymore for various reasons. Unless you count Susie being in uni at NI and Ellie having lived in Wales. But technically we’re all English.

The Queen photobombs Aussie hockey girls at The CommonwealthGames.


The dog-days are almost upon us.  Keep your kitties (and even goggies) safe in the heat.

Some other tips:

  • Put out multiple water bowls for easy access.  Consider freezing one, or adding ice.
  • Tie ribbons to the grill of an oscillating fan to encourage your cat to play and cool off at the same time
  • Place some frozen cooler packs in a rolled up towel, then in your pets favorite bed
  • Make sure access to the bathroom is clear.  All of that porcelain, enamel and cold water plumbing can keep bathrooms a few degrees cooler than the rest of the house.  Basements too, if available
bonemonger asked:
Any liveblogging of the Commonwealth Games?

- Colourful dancers with lots of mismatched chairs
- Scotty dogs
- give money to UNICEF plz
- Nobody can open the magic Commonwealth message tube baton thing and the queen is Not Amused

I think that’s about everything covered??

Happy 1st Birthday Prince George!

The first big one where you weren’t forced into the world by doctors and won’t remember without the involvement of alcohol. You go little prince!

Tremendous sign up at Tesco on the Kingsland Road.

Bargain seen in Asda, Bristol on Saturday. That’s Asda price.