You Know You're British When...

 Bloody Gentlemen

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bonemonger asked:
Any liveblogging of the Commonwealth Games?

- Colourful dancers with lots of mismatched chairs
- Scotty dogs
- give money to UNICEF plz
- Nobody can open the magic Commonwealth message tube baton thing and the queen is Not Amused

I think that’s about everything covered??

Happy 1st Birthday Prince George!

The first big one where you weren’t forced into the world by doctors and won’t remember without the involvement of alcohol. You go little prince!

Tremendous sign up at Tesco on the Kingsland Road.

Bargain seen in Asda, Bristol on Saturday. That’s Asda price.

We call this one the lightning dragon. 

Now that’s what I call a slow news day!



So the lightning last night was pretty exciting, it stayed for about an hour (that I saw) in Salisbury. 

Anyone else get pictures?

Met Office animation of overnight lightning strikes.


I wish that any time someone said “I wish I had a British accent” would instantly get stuck with a very strong Yorkshire, Geordie or Liverpudlian accent

Despite the look of surprise on the kids faces, owls landing on your head is very run-of-the-mill in the UK.